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Excerpt: Capitalist Realism - Is There No Alternative? ~ Mark Fisher: Download full PDF for free here:



Heat. water soluble oils, radiator. 2020

Last episode, scene, season. graphite, paper, wires. 2020

Texting. graphite, paper, wires. 2020

Disintegration. colored penicl, paper, dirty clothes. 2020

Out for lunch. graphite, paper,multiple instruments. 2020

Untitled. colored pencil, paper. 2019

Grandmother on the French Riviera. colored pencil, paper. 2020



Rummikub Jokes. colored pencil, Rummikub tiles. 2020

Trout Mask Replica. colored pencil, Bass clarinet. 2020

Serial Experiments. hair, acrylic, wire, plastic, Trader joe's bag paper, tacks, usb cord, watch headphones, ink. 2020

Grandfather on the French Riviera. colored pencil, clarinet. 2020

Hard Bop. wax crayon, paper. 2020

Joe's Camouflage. colored pencil, paper. 2020

Panamanian Bird. graphite pencil, paper. 2020

Tetsuo. colored pencil, paper, router, wires. 2020

Tetsuo2. colored pencil, paper, router, wires. 2020

Bird. colored pencil, paper. 2020

Sonny used to live in the building that used to be where TJ's is now. graphite, paper. 2020

Stalemate. graphite, paper, plastic. 2020

KustomKulture. graphite, paper, plastic. 2020